STOP-ROT was developed as an aid in preventing hair and epidermal slip. Not only has it been stopping epidermal and hair slips, it has also been improving efficiency of acids in the acid/saline solution (pickle). It keeps the slimy membrane from "sliming-up", making it easier to shave off, and allowing faster and deeper penetration of acids.

STOP-ROT extends the work time of a fresh hide by slowing down or stopping decompositions. In essence, it is a short term preservative.

Apply as soon as possible after the animal has been skinned. If it is a frozen skin or cape, apply as quickly as possibly after the thawing process and even during the thawing if possible. STOP-ROT helps soften and rehydrate freezer burned skin.

Apply STOP-ROT with a paint brush to a cape that has had chunks of meat and fat removed. Three to five ounces will be sufficient for whitetail size capes. Application on other mammals will be proportionate, depending on size. Brush on, DO NOT apply with a mister.

Cover flesh side thoroughly and liberally; it is not necessary to have it pooling on the skin. STOP-ROT can also be brushed on the hair side of un-turned ears for easier opening of freezer burned or overly dry ears. It can also be injected under the ear skin with a hypodermic needle, which will speed up the softening process.

STOP-ROT makes fleshing and turning much simpler, faster and efficient. You can now remove muscle tissue from the nose pad, lips and eyebrows. Just dab a small amount of STOP-ROT on the areas from which muscle tissue is to be removed and let sit for a while before fleshing.

STOP-ROT will "float-up" coagulated blood from around bullet holes allowing easy clean up with the wipe of a paper towel.

If salt drying is desired, STOP-ROT will speed up the salt drying process after the cape has been fleshed.

STOP-ROT was developed for use with the Whitetail Designer System, but is compatible with other pickling and tanning compounds, as well as with dry preservatives.

STOP-ROT is proving to be a blessing for deer hide tanning. The product performance has passed initial expectations. At the time of this writing, it is not known what the limitations are.

Once the cape has been in the acid pickle solution a sufficient length of time, it can be removed and shaved without having to be returned to the pickle before proceeding with neutralization and finishing.


User should work with gloves when using this product or any other chemical compounds on animal skins, and don't forget your eye protection!
STOP-ROT as a fish tanning formula.
Paul Lyles mounted this small mouth bass using STOP-ROT as a fish tan formula. STOP-ROT helps to simplify fish taxidermy.

Says Paul, "I really like what I have been seeing with STOP-ROT on fish. I already have the heads cleaned out to the point there isn't any place left to inject. Then I brush the STOP-ROT on back in there and brush it on the flesh side and scale side of the skin. You can SEE that stuff work on a fish just like when you do a wild boar with it. All those oils just float up. It is excellent on salmon."

"I then let it sit for about twenty minutes to half an hour. Then I just rinse it off, and it's ready to mount. I have gone to using STOP-ROT entirely on my fish instead of my old fish tanning solution. There's more color pattern left, and that makes it easier for me to paint."

"Another way I've been using STOP-ROT is on frozen bear heads. Some of these guys have been saving up for two or three years to be able to take these hunts, and then once they get that once in a life time trophy, you have to do what ever it takes to save it."

"The ears thaw out HOURS before the rest of the head, I brush the STOP-ROT on the hair side of the ears as soon as I can. I also do around the ears, the eyes, the lips and the nose, any place I have had trouble with hair or epidermal slip in the past. As soon as it thaws to the point that I can start skinning, I then brush on the STOP-ROT to the flesh side as I'm skinning. Since I've been doing this, I haven't had the first problem with slip in those areas. I'm not saying slip couldn't happen, I'm just saying it has happened YET. I do my coyotes in the same way."

"I have saved some dry salted hides that you wouldn't think could be saved by rehydrating the hides in the acid pre-soak solution* with a pH right at 5, and then using STOP-ROT on them after that."

"I now use STOP-ROT on all my mammal skins right up front."

*To prepare this solution, dissolve four pounds of salt in four gallons of water. Then add one teaspoon of Whitetail Designer Systems Taxidermist's Leatherizing Acid. You will want a pH below 6, but over 5.
This whitetail deer shoulder mount was mounted by Glen Conley.
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