If you are not equipped with a printer, send this photo to a 3 1/2 " floppy disk. Take the disk to a chain store that has a Kodak Picture Maker and you can have a high quality print made. WHITETAIL DESIGNER SYSTEMS, INC. gives permission to print this photo for individual reference use.

We will replace photos on an irregular basis. Add these to your Whitetail Designer Systems disk collection to build an awesome taxidermy reference photo collection.
The Weathered Stump
Original clay sculpture
      by Glen Conley
  An ideal wild turkey
        mount base!
  The Weathered Stump
   is now being made at
Quality Taxidermy Supply
    $39.95 ready to finish
Toll Free: 1-888-527-8722
whitetail deer taxidermy form prototype
whitetail deer taxidermy form sculpture
whitetail deer taxidermy form sculpture
    Watch the developement of taxidermy forms by Glen Conley.
            taxidermy forms
I've said it before, and I'll say it again, taxidermy IS a three dimensional art form.

Just like any art form, whether it be a drawing, a painting, a carving, a sculpture, or a photograph, taxidermy is going to "freeze" that image in time.  It is darn hard to capture a believable image without GOOD reference.

In spite of having pages of measurement notes, cleaned skulls, frozen heads, photos of skinned out heads, necks and shoulders, accumulated templates made from deer parts over time, and access to live deer, I still would not have been able to pull off the live deer look of the REAL DEER FORMS whitetail taxidermy forms without my line of live deer reference photos.  No how. No way.
                                                                              Glen Conley