Empty entire contents of package into one (1) quart of distilled water.  This product is a reagent.  Actions and reactions must occur within the hide.  Any other water source will render product ineffective or produce totally undesirable results.

For best results, allow solution to sit a few hours before using.  At normal room temperatures, or during hot weather periods, product will last approximately two (2) weeks after compounding.  After two (2) weeks, product should be considered ineffective.  Date bottle at time of mixing.

Refrigerate to gain a few days of additional shelf life, but do not expect it to exceed three weeks.

To use, on flesh side, simply mist an even film that will appear a little more wet than damp.  Average size deer cape will require five (5) to six (6) ounces of solution.  Pay attention to nose, lips, eyelids, ear butts and ear skin.

Leave flesh side exposed to open air.

At room temperature, the first visible detectable reactions will be observable after twenty (20) minutes.  At the end of one (1) hour, the cycle can be considered complete.  The hide will have produced water and become stretchy and resilient.  When the hide is wet and clammy to the touch, that definitely confirms the end of the cycle.  The hide is cooling as a result of the water evaporation.  Towel off excess water.
badger taxidermy done with WHITETAIL DESIGNER SYSTEMS tanning supplies.
Badger taxidermy done by Paul Lyles of Wildlife Creations Taxidermy with the Whitetail Designer Systems tanning line.  This badger was a Preble County, Ohio road-kill.  Paul did this mount for the Ohio Department of Natural Resources.  This badger mount is now part of the traveling educational display of the O.D.N.R.

A number of mannikins for furbearers display the pads of the feet.  Furbearer tanning done with the WHITETAIL DESIGNER SYSTEMS will frequently yield pads that may not need anything more done to them in final finishing than just a sealer.
The beaver taxidermy was done by Dan Jennings.  The application of Fat B Gone on greasy and oily furbearer skins makes any other degreaser unnecessary, that's a real plus in furbearer tanning for taxidermy.  The fur comes out clean and healthy looking, and the skin is supple and relaxed.  Shrink-Tonic application keeps the skin nice and relaxed for the mounting process.
                     Gray squirrel taxidermy piece by Dan Jennings.

Comments Dan on these small furbearers, "Tanning squirrels with the Whitetail Designer Systems gives you the luxury of having a skin that you could work with all day if need be.  The work time isn't limited to just an hour or so.  This could be a real asset to beginners".
fox squirrel txidermy reference photos
fox squirrel taxidermy reference photos
Animateds created with photos from the Fox Squirrel Taxidermy Reference Photos Diskettes.
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