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TANNING SUPPLIES PRICE LIST List of distributors. Order by phone, or on-line!

TANNING INTRODUCTION. A brief description of what to expect in the way of tanning supplies product performance.

GREEN HIDE FACTS Use long established biological principles to advantage, they CAN be manipulated to YOUR advantage!

LEATHERIZING ACID Simple, easy to follow instructions for the WHITETAIL DESIGNER SYSTEMS acid formulation to mix a pickling solution for tanning.

LEATHERIZING ACID 2. Talk about putting biological principles to work! Another use for the WHITETAIL DESIGNER SYSTEMS Leatherizing Acid.  Simple, efficient, and inexpensive.

WHITETAIL DESIGNER SYSTEMS FAT-B-GONE isn't just a deep cleaning degreaser, it is also a relaxer!

WHITETAIL DESIGNER SYSTEMS SHRINK-TONIC RELAXER helps to produce those relaxed, stretchy, supple skins!

WHITETAIL DESIGNER SYSTEMS CAM-L-C Leather Finisher and Conditioner  Applies easily by hand.

WHITETAIL DESIGNER SYSTEMS HARD TISSUE TONIC Ear Skin Relaxer, Cartilage Softener, Freezer Burned Skin Restorer.

WHITETAIL DESIGNER SYSTEMS SOFT TISSUE REHYDRATOR This product was actually one of the first of the WHITETAIL DESIGNER SYSTEMS products to be created.

STOP-ROT  basic instructions and articles

STOP-ROT Mammal The photo documentation in this article allows you to see this amazing product in action with your own eyes!  The large whitetail cape used for illustration was past "iffy".

USING STOP-ROT IN FISH TAXIDERMY  Fish taxidermy tips with Dan Jennings.

STOP-ROT ON WILD TURKEY AND OTHER BIRDS with Dan Jennings.  "Until I started using STOP-ROT, I never realized how quickly wild turkies were decomposing on me before I could get them mounted.  STOP-ROT helps to produce a really clean bird with a lot of sheen, and since I've been using STOP-ROT on turkey legs and feet, I haven't had the first one with that funky turkey foot odor."

STOP-ROT ON FREEZER BURN  May of 2003, Mike Baker of Raw Liver Creek Taxidermy called me up and asked, "Hey, have you got anything for freezer burn? I got a mule deer cape out of Montana and it is BAD!"
Cape in freezer since 1984, still good? Check out the story!








Cape a deer with Missouri taxidermist Bobbi Meyer

Remove deer ear cartilage by Bobbi Meyer

Cape Preparation Detail Fleshing by Glen Conley
Split and Flesh Deer Eye Lids
Split and Open Lips, and Detail Fleshing of Lips and Muzzle
Detail Fleshing of a Deer Nose and Nose Pad
Open and Turn Whitetail Deer Ears

Antler repair

Nose carving:  You can produce a pretty respectable nose with this technique.

Setting Glass Eyes:  One option for setting glass eyes and shaping the pre-orbital gland.

Close look at ears.  Alternative options with ear liners presented here.

Alter deer earliners , and create POP ART EARS! Translation, alter earliners with pop cans, and sculpting epoxy.

Ear butt attachment:  This method allows you to control ear location on a mount.

Hilton Eppley's Critique.  A critique on the above methods by taxidermy judge, and form manufacturer, Hilton Eppley.

Sculpting clay ear butts.   Dan Jennings demonstrates a quick technique for sculpting and shaping whitetail deer ear butts.

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WHITETAIL DESIGNER SYSTEMS also sponsors Hide Tanning and Taxidermy
(www.hidetanning.net), another informative website. Contents:

FORM ALTERATION Step-by-step whitetail deer shoulder mount form alteration illustrated with photos. The deer cape used for the STOP-ROT demonstration is shown mounted on the altered whitetail form.

BEYOND the SENSES This article is a must see and read for any one doing whitetail tanning and taxidermy. The microphotography shows what really happens with hair slip, plus whitetail deer hair structure can be easily understood once you can actually see the structures.

Skull Cleaning: Various methods of cleaning skulls by Evelyn Mills

Skulls:  Assortment of photos of cleaned skulls Photos by Mike Billington

ASPHALT STAINED SKULLS with design:  Skull art inspired by Native American designs. Artwork by Michael Billington

Field care and shipping of taxidermy trophies by Evelyn Mills

Rattlesnake Mounting:  Mounting a rattlesnake coiled around an antler using the tamp method. Rattlesnake taxidermy and article by Evelyn Mills

Snake Skinning Illustrated:  Photos for reference work by Mike Billington.  A rattlesnake is used for a snake skinning demonstration by Texas taxidermist Evelyn Mills

Fleshing Machines by Dan Moon

Taxidermy Industry Announcements Page 1
Taxidermy Industry Announcements Page 2

Deer Meat/Venison Recipes     Waterfowl/Game Bird Recipes

Small Game Recipes   Fish Recipes

Black bear taxidermy reference photos courtesy of Wisconsin taxidermist, Mike Dunbar

Caribou hair growth developement sequences can be seen and understood with these microphotographs. Photos by Glen Conley

Bobcat/ Lynx Skinning for Taxidermy.  By Bobcat Specialist, Kansas taxidermist Lonny Travis.

Mounting a Bobcat/Lynx:  Taxidermy mounting sequence in text and photos by Lonny Travis.

Cape Tanning Microphotography helps to explain stretch, and lack of same in a tanned cape by Glen Conley.

Taxidermy mounting stand plans for whitetail deer/game head taxidermy. Inexpensive approach for beginning whitetail taxidermy by Glen Conley.

FREE VIRUS SCAN courtesy of TrendMicro

Whitetail deer ear liner alteration and other taxidermy tips by Glen Conley.

A WILD BOAR TAXIDERMY product review with Mark Haineault. Real good article for anyone that is planning on going into wild boar taxidermy.

EAR CARTILAGE REMOVAL MADE EASIER  Whitetail deer ear cartilage removal article illustrated with photos by Michigan taxidermist Mark Haineault.

Department of Natural Resources links by state.  Keep up with what is going on in your state, or the states that you hunt and fish.

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